We use ONLY quality components to build custom clubs that are custom fitted to our customers specific swing characteristics.

We use all of the brand name grips to ensure that the grips you want installed are of the highest quality.

We use most the major players in the industry for both graphite and steel shafts. We ensure that the shafts chosen are correct for your specific swing speed and requirements

Analysis & Adjustment
We utilize equipment of the highest quality and those that are standard in the industry for the analysis and adjustment of shaft frequency, swing weight, and lie &loft of club heads.

Metal Woods Head Refinishing
Over time metal woods can get scuffed with every day use. We can refinish the painted portion to same as new condition. This generally depends on the condition of the head before refinishing. We also provide a service where we hand paint corporate logos and other artwork on metal woods. This is a great way to promote you business or even to say thank you for your business to clients. Please be aware that hand painting heads with a logo or some sort of artwork can significantly increase the cost of refinishing the head. We can provide you with the head or you may supply your own club for hand painting. Please contact us for more info. support@gctgolf.com

Golf Club Tune-up
For many golfers, especially those who live in the northern parts of North America, November signals the end of the golf season. This is the time of the year that your golf game and gear are far out of mind. There's no need to worry about golf again until the first thaw hits.      Tune-up List

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