Custom vs Brand

Custom vs Brand has become a very hot topic for a number of years with golf club manufacturers and custom club-makers. Although both side have good arguments, it ultimately comes down to the golfer who must make the decision which way to go and suit his/her needs and wants. There will be those individuals that will stop at nothing short of getting those brand name clubs that he sees the Pros use each week on television. Today many of the retailers offer a custom fitting service, and we recommend that all golfers "low or high handicap" make sure this service is utilized as it will be the difference of enjoyable rounds of golf as opposed to frustrating rounds of golf.

Now to the main reason why every golfer should consider going to a certified club-maker to have their equipment built and that would be to get quality components expertly fitted to your specific swing characteristics. This service is their livelihood and this is all that they do. They have the time to spend with you and make sure you are custom fitted properly. They don't have to run off when a customer comes into the store.

It is a known fact that most of the golf clubs components are made by the same foundries, so the rigid quality assurance is in effect for all of the clients of that foundry, whether they are the big brand name manufacturers or the small custom club-maker. The big difference actually comes down to the actual cost of the clubs themselves. You will find that clubs made by a custom club-maker will end costing a customer about HALF the PRICE of brand name clubs and yet are of the same quality.

We continually add new product lines at least once a year, and at the same time removing discontinued product from our shelves and catalog. If an item becomes discontinued for whatever reason.... we usually place these items on sale for those that we have in stock at the time. Once stock has been depleted for a specific item it will NOT be replenished.

The following products lines are usually available and for a complete list of models and specifications please download a copy of our on-line CATALOG.

     -DRIVERS                                                                -IRONS
         -GCT Golf Ti3                                                             -Maltby MMB-17 Forged
         -GCT Golf Forged Ti (men/ladies)                                 -Maltby STi OS
         -Maltby STw                                                               -Maltby STi
         -Maltby KE4 ST-2                                                        -Maltby STi HS
         -Maltby KE4 ST-2A                                                      -Maltby KE4 U30 LH
         -Maltby LTech (ladies)                                                 -Maltby KE4 Tour +
         -Maltby LE2 (ladies)                                                    -Maltby KE4 U30 LH
         -Maltby KE4 S RH                                                        -Maltby LTech (ladies)

     -HYBRIDS                                                               -PUTTERS
         -Maltby STi H                                                             -Maltby Pure Track Tour
         -Maltby KE4 LE2                                                          -Accusite AS-Pro
         -Maltby LTech (ladies)                                                 -Accusite Pro
         -Maltby ST-H
         -Maltby KE4 Tour

     -GRIPS                                                                    -SHAFTS
         -Golf Pride                                                                  -True Temper
         -Lamkin                                                                     -Aldila
         -WINN                                                                        -Grafalloy
         -Avon                                                                         -UST
         -Black Widow                                                               -Fujikura

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