Would you like to BRAND your Corporate Identity in a unique way and be appreciated by all?

Would you like to remove the inconvenience of taking your clubs somewhere to get them re-conditioned or repaired?

Would you like superior service and pricing that is second to none?

In the world of golf club repair and maintenance GCT Golf offers customers a totally unique service that no other club repair facility does. We offer our customer either the choice of coming to our facility or they may utilize the convenience of our Mobile Service. This Mobile Service will come right to your door (residence or work) to perform the same tasks as provided in our facility by a certified Club-Maker. We do our best to make the experience of club maintenance and repair as un-eventful, but enjoyable as possible.

GCT Golf can perform stringent and dynamic custom fitting services as well to ensure that every customer plays with clubs that are suited for their respective swing characteristics. The purchase of clubs off the shelf will not guarantee an improvement in your game. Every golfer has swing characteristics that are all their own and each one needs to be addressed separately to ensure optimal game improvement and enjoyment. If you currently are experiencing inconsistent results of shots between clubs, in all likelihood you are playing with mismatched clubs that are not suited to your swing. We can show where these problems may occur and we will take the time to explain why it is happening.

If you are seriously thinking about improving your game, or considering on taking up the sport or even getting your kids started in the sport, then you should give GCT Golf Inc. a call to help you start the process of more enjoyable rounds of golf.

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