GCT Golf is a family owned and operated business, inspired after playing golf with many, many golfer’s and discovering that very few really understood the mechanics behind the golf clubs they were using, as well as the way they had a major role in determining the actual outcome of their golf game(s). After 35 years in the High Tech field, I decided to get my Class "A" Clubmaker certification and Custom Club Fitter and went on a quest to help the regular golfer(s) who just want to improve their game and enjoy the sport they love so much.

Understanding golf clubs, the physics behind them, and manufacturing processes is what led me to realize that name brand OEM equipment is highly overpriced, mostly due to marketing and endorsements and in a number of cases highly overrated. Custom clubmakers know that there is no magic to the heads and shafts being better than those of component companies. In fact most OEM heads are not as playable as the ones we offer. Take a moment and think of how GOOD equipment (no matter the kind of job) determines the ease and quality of that job. The same holds true for Golf Equipment. There are no 2 persons out there that have the same swing characteristics. As you might imagine, golf clubs purchased off the shelf, brand name or not, probably doesn't match your specific swing characteristics, but they are built exactly the same as the set of clubs sitting next to them. You may find yourself trying to adjust your swing regularly in order to get your golf clubs to perform the way you expect them to perform. This can cause severe frustration to a golfer.

So why pay more?
However, graphite shafted golf clubs generally fall into a different category. There can be a substantial difference in quality available between graphite shafts. Although most golfers select clubs based on the perception that OEM clubs are better because they cost more, the cost has nothing to do with how good they are. From an engineering point of view cost alone means nothing. The quality and design of the head and shaft combined with the approach and method of assembly means everything.
   1) Our custom made steel shafted golf clubs will perform as well or better than the brand name OEM clubs off the shelf.
   2) Our custom made graphite shafted golf clubs will perform much better than the brand name OEM clubs off the shelf.
It is also very important to understand that when comparing prices to purchase graphite shafted custom golf clubs, that even if the heads and shafts are identical, the finished assembled products will differ from the assembly line golf clubs and those from a true custom clubmaker specifically manufactured for YOU with YOU in mind.

We are a small, customer oriented company that believes in quality over quantity. There are two ways to run a custom golf club making business.
   1) You can limit the size of your business and do everything yourself and make every customer feel like they are the only customer.
   2) You can hire others. While this enables volume to increase it also lowers the quality.
We are not condemning large companies. They truly can do repetitive mass production quite well, but custom golf clubs are for individuals and cannot be mass produced effectively. We discovered a real need in the club making industry.

GCT Golf is here to help make the correct choices to enhance your golfing pleasure. Remember how a golf club feels when you make a solid shot (straight, long, effortless). This is the kind of shot that brings you back to the game each time. Well this can be achieved regularly with properly fitted golf clubs. Give us a call so that we can help.

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